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Would you rather have more accountability processes and systems to keep people on task so you can meet your goal? -or- trustworthy, accountable people who may surpass your expectations because they trust and care about their team?

Explore the necessary components to build trust, giving participants practical and actionable steps that will yield sustainable long-term results for their leadership and with their teams. This training will explore some of the core components to build trust: Create a Circle of Safety, Respect Vulnerability, Use Candor with Care, and Live your Culture.

Competencies emphasized:

  • Team Building
  • Resilience Accountability
  • Integrity/Honesty
  • Human Capital Management
  • Interpersonal Skills

Course Objectives/Outcomes:

Understand the relationship between trust and accountability
Learn how to develop a culture that nurtures creativity, honesty, innovation and professional passion.
Utilize trust and vulnerability to get the most out of competition.
Deliberately frame questions and feedback in a way that is both honest and productive.
Build a successful organization with higher levels of collaboration, increased creativity and risk-taking, more efficient execution of daily tasks, and increased commitment to the mission.

Course Length and Type :

7.5 hours; in-person

Class Size:


Target Audience:

Can be done as group training (individuals) or team training (workcenter, shop, etc.). Designed for anyone who wants to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment.

  • 1:1 coaching session with 1-3 leaders included.
  • Multiple follow-on sessions are available separately