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Every individual has a unique spectrum of personality traits that impact the way he or she communicates. Rather than judge others of flawed behaviors, participants learn how to value diversity and appreciate unique perspectives. Not only does each participant gain a deeper understanding of themselves with the Four Lenses, they gain greater social awareness and appreciation of others’ perspectives and contributions. Four Lenses is a self-reflection and social awareness model built into a powerful series of training referred to as Temperament Intelligence

Competencies emphasized:

  • Resilience
  • Conflict Management
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Team Building
  • Partnering
  • Influencing/ Negotiating
  • Interpersonal Skills

Course Objectives/Outcomes:

Accelerate results for any personal, interpersonal, team, or organizational learning.
Deepen understanding of self-awareness to:

  • Learn your personal values, strengths, and needs
  • Understanding your relationship with others
  • Communicate with others based on their values
  • Discover what motivates you and others
Plot your preferences to understand blind spots. Plot the preferences of others/teams.
Understand learning styles based on temperament.
Explore how maturity impacts every aspect of human interaction.

Course Length and Type :

7.5 hours; in-person or virtual

Class Size:


Target Audience:

Can be done as group training (i.e., a group of individuals) or team training (i.e., work center, team, board, etc.). Designed for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate better with others and boost team effectiveness. Principles learned can be applied to areas such as leadership, communication, and diversity.

  • 1:1 coaching session with 1-3 leaders included.
  • Multiple follow-on sessions are available separately