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Leadership Expedition

Over three to five days, Sight Picture advisors and coaches will help you failure-proof your goals and leverage your own natural leadership style. Each of our staff bring a unique set of experiences gained from leadership roles with Marine infantry, Carrier Strike Groups, and Navy SEALs.

The Leadership Expedition (LE) normally spans 4 days and 3 nights. We will backpack through the Olympic National Park/Forest or the Cascades of Washington state. Difficulty varies based on the abilities of the group; trip lengths vary between 18-30 miles.

This event serves 6 to 8 individuals – a select group of professionals from the corporate, government, military and/or non-profit sectors.
If requesting for your team, the length can be tailored to 3 or 5 days. Let us create a memorable, transformational experience for your team!

The LE enables participants to identify and better leverage their leadership styles and to develop tools for reaching important goals they may have difficulty achieving.

The experience is built upon Sight Picture’s presentation of effective communication, problem-solving, personal growth principles, and strategic methods of achieving results.

Together with their advisors and each other, participants navigate the technical and environmental challenges of field-based learning in the wilderness. Learning is accelerated by getting out of their comfort zones, adapting to the challenges, and collaborating with others.

Both backpacking trips and a limited number of llama packing trips are available.